Hurricane Preparedness Guide for Homeowners Associations (HOA)

The Atlantic Hurricane Season is defined as June 1st through November 30th. It is essential that HOAs prepare a hurricane plan in advance of a storm to protect community residents.

Here are some items to consider when preparing a hurricane plan for your HOA community:

On-Site Resources
Form a hurricane committee within each community to ensure that residents have on-site resources to coordinate hurricane preparedness efforts, such as inspecting the grounds and removing outdoor items which, in high winds, can become projectiles.

Insurance Coverage
Review homeowner association insurance policies annually, meet with the agent, ensure the community has adequate coverage, and review exceptions to the policy. Take photographs to document the condition of the property prior to a hurricane and keep these photos in a secure location.
Safeguard Important Documents
It is essential to safeguard HOA documents, such as insurance policies, service contracts, and employee records.
Consider obtaining a Safe Deposit Box to ensure that important documents are protected from water and storm damage. Remember to also back up your electronic files. Consider purchasing an external hard drive and storing this device in the safe deposit box as well.
HOA Vendors
Contact vendors that provide key services to the homeowners association, such as elevator maintenance, to inquire about the relief services they offer in the event of a storm.
Other Considerations
Have the trees been trimmed recently?
Is there a plan to protect active construction projects on the property?
Are the generators in place to prevent interruptions in elevator service?
Lastly, make sure that all residents are informed of the emergency plan, including the locations of local shelters, hospitals, and evacuation routes.
HOA Resources
Properly preparing for a hurricane is a homeowner association’s best defense.
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